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Disadvantages Of Drinking Ice Cold Water

drinking ice cold water

drinking ice cold water

In summer, everyone consumes ice cream and starts drinking ice cold water as well. People prefer to drink cold water because of heat. You should have noticed that most people drink cold water only during summer. But cold water should never be drink. If you drink cold water by returning home from the sun or from outside, it can prove to be harmful to you, so do not ever do so.

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Drinking ice cold water causes a lot of damage to the body. But in future also it can prove to be harmful to your health. Now let’s know about side effect of drinking cold water.

Side effect of drinking ice cold water

1. Calories burn more

drinking ice cold water

Burning more of the calories is also a big disadvantage of drinking ice cold water. If you are drinking cold water, again and again, your digestion power gets impaired, causing your body’s calories to burn more. If you want to burn body calories, then you can use any other method. Drinking cold water requires more work to digest the body, this is why your calories burn more.

2. Piles and bowel disease

drinking ice cold water

In the future, you may have to face piles and intestinal diseases with drinking ice cold water, but very few people know about it. The way you keep anything in the fridge and after some time, it gets accumulated, in the same way, cold water also accumulates stool in the body, which eventually becomes the biggest cause of piles and intestinal disorders. By drinking cold water, the stool of your body becomes stiff, causing you trouble. That is why cold water should be less drink.

3. Decreased digestive power

drinking ice cold water

You may hardly know that drinking ice cold water causes your body’s blood vessels to shrink and then due to this the obstruction of the digestive process begins to create. By shrinking blood vessels, the process of digestion becomes very slow, and digestion process of food also does not work properly. That is why you may have to face many diseases. Drinking more cold water eliminates the nutrients present in the food. Because of this, your body does not get nutrients properly and you start feeling weak.

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4. End of nutrients

drinking ice cold water

Drinking ice cold water eliminates all the nutrients of foods that go into the body. By drinking cold water your body starts to cool down and the temperature of the body starts decreasing. Because of this, the body has to spend more energy to keep the temperature stable. The body also receives energy from the food itself, this is why the body eliminates nutrients. Therefore, if possible, drink cold water less often.

5. Problems of abdominal pain

drinking ice cold water

Drinking ice cold water can be a risk of serious illness like a stomach ache. Do not drink cold water at any time after the workout, because after the exercise, after drinking cold water, this unmatched combination of temperature can cause obstruction to your digestive system. Your body temperature cannot endure cold water too. You can use lukewarm water to keep your body’s temperature balanced because lukewarm water proves beneficial for health.

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